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NYU Local: Sam Winslow on the Creation of His New Music Review App “Tunestack”

June 19, 2020

Original article by Chas Gilman via NYU Local:

With the advent of the internet, it’s never been easier for music fans to form a community around niche music. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are home to thousands of small music communities, where users discuss their favorite releases, offer insight to up-and-coming creators, and more. Every type of music has a home. However, these online communities are fractured and social media platforms, which rely primarily on text and visual content, aren’t ideal for sharing music.


“I have a lot of friends who have the same music taste or we have a similar open-minded attitude towards music where anything goes,” Winslow said in a phone interview with Local. “It’s very social. People bond over that experience and I just felt like there wasn’t anything out there that felt true to that experience.”

Music, on a fundamental level, is predicated on social interaction. Not only do music creators interact with each other when they create their art, but there’s also a social element of a community formed around similar tastes and the sharing of music. Sam felt the Internet lacked a centralized location where music fans could bond over their favorite music as well as add their critiques. From that idea, Tunestack was born.

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Tunestack is a mobile app for you to share your favorite music with friends.

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